Bego K

Bring on the micro bikini Las Vegas cause I'm ready!
My workout sessions with Angelina are in-depth and intense, but fun. She takes the time to work out every section of my body completely, and let me tell you I feel the burn that I love! Of course she knows what she is doing and talking about. (She knows tons of fancy exercise terms and techniques fyi). She makes me feel at ease and comfortable. I don't feel like she is judging me, or gets frustrated if I don't get the exercises correctly right away. I can't have a trainer that is impatient with me because I need repetition to be able to make that mind and body connection. She is full of positive energy. I love her!
P.S. I also enjoy the yoga stretches and foam rolling.

Vicky B

I felt super excited to start training with Angelina. She has the ideal shape in my book, and I hoped she could help me get fit and lose the extra weight I put on over the past several years. Our training sessions have been awesome. She takes the time to teach me how each exercise, and the equipment are working to change my body. This helped me get more invested in my training, to get the most out of my sessions. I also follow her nutritional guidance. The first 4 weeks I lost 5 lbs., cheated a bit in between, but lost a total of 10 lbs. after 12 weeks training. Now I'm really liking how I look in my new clothes! Initially, I was a bit hesitant about the training fees, but now I don't give it a second thought. I HIGHLY recommend her!

Margot R

Angelina brings a positive attitude, depth of knowledge and fun spirit to her workout sessions. She tailors each workout to your personal strengths and limitations, being sensitive to everyone's needs. She is able to clearly explain the exercises which helps to avoid improper movements and injury. Angelina is inspiring and has the ability to bring out the best in her clients. I love working out with her, just her darling figure alone is enough to make me wanna power through to the end!

Valorie R

If your goal is to get in the best shape ever, for your wedding and, or honeymoon, follow what Angelina says and she'll get you there! She is an awesome on-line fitness coach, for those of you, like myself, who live outside of Angelina's one-on-one personal training locations. She is engaging and her personality and workouts will brighten your day!! And, she also has motivating, fun and easy to follow exercise videos. She also provides tons of healthy meal options and other weight-loss tips within her program.

Malia S

Angelina came highly recommended to me by a good friend. After meeting with her, I was not disappointed. To begin with she's in great shape, it's nice to find a trainer that practices what they're preaching. My training sessions with Angelina are awesome!!! She's very engaging and makes workouts fun. I almost forget how hard I'm training. I like how she sometimes incorporates Pilates and yoga to my workouts and to the cool downs. I also love that she includes plenty of exercises that work on my glutes. Another thing I like is that she gives me great tips on how to switch around the foods I'm eating to healthier meals that are still enjoyable. Angelina inspires and encourages me to reach for my best. I feel and see results besides being a great trainer she is also among the nicest and most caring people that I know.

Sona K

Angelina has a lot of knowledge about fitness, exercise and nutrition. She's very motivating, really nice, and utilizes a variety of exercises for my workouts which makes it fun, it's challenging but fun! My business is promoting health and wellness, I have customers that come to see me from far away cities, and I'm often asked If I know a good doctor, chiropractor, dentist, massage therapist etc, those in the health industry ... they know I look for the best for services and only go to the best. This is why I train with Angelina. Since she is now on the Westside, I can't train with her as often as I'd like, but I'm grateful that she drives out to my area once a week for her clients like me. She designs exercise programs that includes exercises I'm to do on my own, so that it compliments my workouts with her. She's a true professional, and I get amazing feedback from customers that I've referred to her. She is a gem!

Tiffany H

Angelina is just an amazing personal trainer and weight loss coach. The past few years I had been yo-yoing around 8 to 10 lbs over my normal ideal weight. Although I didn't have a lot of weight to lose, the constant cycle of eating healthy then eating stuff I actually enjoyed while also trying to get my weight down was very frustrating. Angelina designed a fitness program that started with a body composition analysis, this gave me a good picture of my fat to muscle ratio, then followed by an exercise plan, along with a list of healthy meal choices. She also taught me how to tweak my meals so that I could make the foods I loved healthier. After less than 2 months of training with her I'm back to my ideal weight, and I have more lean body mass. Angelina taught me that body composition is a healthier way to assess my fitness, instead of just looking at a number on my scale. Now I feel like I'm in even better shape in my mid 30's than I was in my 20's. So glad I found her!

Lisa B

Angelina is a pro at what she does! When searching for a trainer I came across one of Angelina's websites with her bio, testimonies, and videos showing here versatility as a trainer, sometimes incorporating rehabilitative type exercises, and how she works around injuries. I chose to train with her because I needed to work with someone who has that extensive knowledge. I've had two knee surgeries, and more recently plantar fasciitis surgery on both feet which had left me inactive and feeling out of shape. Before the most recent surgery I felt like I was in pretty decent shape and really wanted to get back on track. My sessions with Angelina include functional and strength training, flexibility training, and we also work on improving my posture. These workouts are also helping to increase my bone density, which I was concerned about. We continue to increase the intensity of my workouts as I become stronger. With in weeks I was doing a lot more exercises than I thought I'd be able to do.
Angelina really inspires me to do my best. What ever your fitness level, she can get you back on track and fit again!

Patricia D

The girl knows her stuff!! Wow!!
Angelina is very professional and reliable. Her in-home training is fantastic! She brings everything you need for a total body workout.

She makes me feel comfortable and allows me to work at my own pace, since I'm still recovering from surgery. She encourages me not to over do it , yet challenges me. I love the variety of exercises for my abs, glutes, arms, back, and legs,... total body workout. She even adds in kickboxing which is my favorite. I'm usually pretty hardcore when it comes to working out so this is perfect for me. I can't stop telling my husband how awesome my body feels with her training.

I highly recommend Angelina as a personal trainer. She is knowledgeable, encouraging, and one of the nicest, sweetest people you would ever want to meet. She also gives great tips for strengthening my back muscles and improving my posture to do on my own. I'm always excited for the next session.

Arlet F

Angelina is just a gorgeous person...Inside and out!!!
I trained with her before I had my baby, after my baby, and am now training with Angelina again to prepare for my upcoming wedding which is in a few months. I love how she designs my workouts based on my current conditioning and energy level, which has been very different each time. she knows a lot about pre and post natal exercise,,, and knows just how far to push me...to kick my but!!!! She also gives me some great meal choices that makes dieting very doable!!! Her recipes actually make for some very delicious meals. And, I like how she text messages me to keep up on my process.
She's amazing at what she does. Angelina, I thank you, my fiancé thanks you and my baby thanks you too, for always helping me get in shape, and helping me feel like I can do anything!!!

Deborah N

Oh my goodness, I could not ask for better.
I am making a come back after two years of being sedentary due to an injury. I am a senior and did not think it was going to be possible to be able to take long walks again and regain strength in my legs, arms and core but Angelina saw me differently and I am so grateful. She genuinely care about my progress, helping me get into the best shape that I am capable of.
Sessions for me always start with a gentle warm-up and are followed by therapeutic type exercises which complement the physical therapy I completed. She watches every move I make and makes adjustments around what I can tolerate each session. She also leaves me back up exercise or stretches that I can do in place of the recommended ones in case I am having a not so good day. That means a lot since I can always feel like I accomplished something each day and am still gaining strength.
At every session, we evaluate where I had trouble and where I need to increase reps or weight. She pays close attention to my current stamina/energy and ability level and adjusts as I improve. She has a keen awareness of body mechanics which is so important, especially for someone like me who has several structural issues. I am so happy I found Angeline. She is well worth her fees. I am no longer on my way to a wheel chair, I am on my way to be able to hike again. Thank you, thank you.

Eva C

I had my first training session with Angelina today. I was a bit dubious when I made the appointment as I am 82 years old but thought I could probably benefit if I got the right directions. WOW, is she good! She modified the workout I needed to do, but it was still very challenging. She has a great store of information about the human skeleton and musculature so I knew right away I was in good hands.

Mary M

Since training with Angelina, I feel stronger, more energetic, and even feel more optimistic.
It has an impact on my overall health and sense of well being not simply my physical health. Angelina is very kind and encouraging, and she makes sure I stay focused on my workouts because I can become easily distracted when training. She has great certifications, she listens to my goals, and understands how to create a great program that evolves as I train. Her fees are comparable to other trainers on the west side, but her experience working with diverse populations, meal coaching, and anti-aging tips, which I love, really sets her apart.

Roxy N

We absolutely LOVE & TRUST Angelina!! She really has a knack for meeting people at their fitness level.
My mother has wanted to lose weight for many years and HATED the idea of dieting and exercise, but she feels completely comfortable with Angelina. Angelina selects exercises she thinks would actually be fun for my mom to do. To my mother's surprise they are fun and easy to follow, which is VERY important to her!!! Angelina also provides her with healthy meal options, and recipes.
Currently not in Cali, so I follow Angelina's youtube channel and FB for exercises. I really like how she explains and demonstrates the exercises throughout her videos. ...SO looking forward to training with her when in L.A.!!

Annie C

Angelina is an outstanding trainer! Not only does she have the professionalism and knowledge of what a trainer possesses, she is also very patient in listening to your needs and wants without judgement. She makes you feel comfortable and motivates you to do your best without the intense pressure that I've experienced from other trainers. Though the exercises can be intense, she makes it fun.
I always look forward to our sessions!

Jessica S

I had been traumatized since working with another personal trainer. Unlike the other trainer, Angelina uses her expertise to make her clients feel comfortable and confident. Prior to our first training session, Angelina and I spoke about the areas that I was looking to improve. The first time we worked together, she was super warm and friendly. As I mentioned I have worked with a previous personal trainer which was a nightmare. Working with Angelina has been quite the opposite. (Not once did I feel like Angelina was judging me.) She was receptive to my goals and made a game plan for our workouts. Also, was very attentive to my pre-existing back issues. Not only did Angelina modify my workouts to assist me in preventing further injury, she also had me do specific exercises to build strength in my weak back and had me avoid other exercises that could make it worse.
Over the course of our training sessions, I found myself going from tired and sore, to energized and looking forward to our next session. She uses an endless variety of exercises from multi-joint, bands, physio balls, ropes, machines...etc. Before I began working with Angelina, I thought that a good work out consisted of only cardio.
Angelina is also super caring! I have been going through a lot of personal struggles and Angelina has shown her warmth and concern in reaching out to me prior to our workouts to make sure that I'm doing okay. I'll continue to work with Angelina to get the most out of my workouts and to attain my fitness goals (patience is a virtue)!
Thank you, Angelina!

Jordan M

9/23/2016 Training with Angelina has benefited me in a multitude of ways, with my sleep, my energy level in addition to feeling stronger. She mixes up my workouts with all kinds of cool exercises, like kick boxing, plyometrics & resistance bands...kettle bells, battle ropes etc. I love that she also targets my areas of concern...back of my arms, back/bra-line, waistline.
She totally inspires me to stay tough to make my goals.

Trish S

Angelina is truly an exceptional trainer and wellness coach.
I love the fact that she has the experience along with several certifications that allows her to work with every kind of person to meet their goals, including special populations because that is what I needed for my daughter.
Angelina was the perfect choice. She has the patience and the ability to keep my daughter engaged to the point where she is enjoying her workouts. It's impressive how well versed she is in nutrition and our alternative regimens. She also keeps updated with my daughters health care team to provide the most optimal sessions for her. My family and I are extremely appreciative to have someone like Angelina who has the compassion and skills set that continues to meet our highest expectations!

Mercie C

I did several small group training with Angelina after having my little one and the sessions are fun. I learned new exercises using kettle bell, bands and free weights. It's a good mix of strength and cardio training, with cool warmups and cool down stretches at the end. Angelina is very professional and she motives me and encourages me to continue working out to meet my goal and be ready for summer. Beside the great work out she also gives me tips on what not to eat, a diet to follow to stay healthy and to keep my weight down. I lost approximately 30 pounds so far.

Jan L

Angelina is Awesome!! She's reliable, sweet and very encouraging. She is very informative and gives plenty of options to make sure you are happy with your sessions. She gives a ton of spotting and feedback on improving my form which I really appreciate. Her diet advice is great and she also has taken the time to follow up with me by phone. I will go back to her every time I need that extra motivation.

Cynthia S

My experience with Angelina has been great. She understands what I want to focus on and she pushes me right at the point when I'm ready to give up. She not only helps with the physical workout but also gave me plenty of advice on how to improve my diet which is what I need to work on too!

Linda H

Oh my gosh love this woman, Angelina really knows how to train. She helped me get in great shape, and she's a great motivator too which really helps. I recently moved from LA but want to continue to train with her when I can so she can keep me fit!

Sonia G

A friend of mine recommended Angelina to me. The day after my workout with her gave me more motivation to continue on my weight loss journey. She truly knows her stuff and she is very professional. She has a great attitude and is very engaged while training you. Thank you Angelina for a great work out!!!!

Sol L

She really motivates me to keep going!
It was very hard to workout due to a bad knee. Angelina is so concerned about my knee. She modifies the exercises so I can have a great workout each time without hurting myself.