Angelina is a personal trainer, Natural Olympian bikini Pro, and meal coach! She designs workout regimens based on each client's fitness condition & preferences to create an effective fitness plan to meet their goal. Angelina utilizes her personally designed LYFE BOD training style which includes varieties of exercises that are engaging, and combos of meal options that are sustainable, so it won't be dull or boring. Her aim is for you to Love Your Fitness Everyday & have the Body you want!

Angelina’s training style has helped countless clients transform their bodies. It has also helped Angelina transform her own body 3 times. Once after extreme weight gain, once after a health condition, and once after IVF treatments, to getting in the best shape of her life. Then winning a silver medal at the Natural Olympia following four consecutive Bikini Masters competitions wins.

Whatever your fitness condition, you can do a lot more than you think you can, from extreme weight-loss to competition ready, and beyond! Angelina understands what it takes and can help you get there. Angelina loves to inspire people to believe in themselves, and believes that with proper training and a positive mindset you can do anything!


Angelina also partners with Master Trainer Ray-V, trainer to L.A.’s Top Trainers, to offer the Best Customized On-line Training & Nutrition Programs Ever!

Angelina Margo

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Pro Bikini Athlete, Natural Olympian Silver Medalist, Celebrity Trainer, Women’s Mentoring & Self-Defense Instructor, MSW ~ Research in Exercise

Ray Velazquez

Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist

Featured in Men’s Fitness Magazine,Trainer to LA’s most elite trainers, 5X State Champion Bodybuilder, Martial Arts & Self-Defense Expert