Herb salad

Bag of Organic Herb salad mix (available at Trader Joe’s)Diced tomatoesDiced CucumbersFresh squeezed lemonRice Vinegar (available at Trader Joe’s)A few dashes of salt/sea salt The herb salad mix can taste a little bitter to me, so I sometimes mix in a few sprinkles of Olive oil, and add a bit of diced Avocado.


Tabouli is a very healthy, very popular mediterranean dish. It would be helpful to use a food processor to chop the parsley and the onion separately, but be careful not to not mince. -Start with soaking 3/4 cup of (Bulghar Fine no. 1) in fresh squeezed lemon juice for at least 30 min.-Rinse 4 bunches …

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Satay noodles dish ~ vegan & gluten free!

-Boil wheat or gluten free noodles.-Wipe a little olive oil or coconut oil into your pan.-Saute chopped brussel sprouts and thinly sliced carrots for about 15 minutes.-Add the noodles.-Add Satay Peanut Sauce (Can be found at Trader Joe’s). To keep this healthy dish low fat increase the amount of vegetables, and reduce the amount of …

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