Herb salad

Bag of Organic Herb salad mix (available at Trader Joe’s)Diced tomatoesDiced CucumbersFresh squeezed lemonRice Vinegar (available at Trader Joe’s)A few dashes of salt/sea salt The herb salad mix can taste a little bitter to me, so I sometimes mix in a few sprinkles of Olive oil, and add a bit of diced Avocado.


Tabouli is a very healthy, very popular mediterranean dish. It would be helpful to use a food processor to chop the parsley and the onion separately, but be careful not to not mince. -Start with soaking 3/4 cup of (Bulghar Fine no. 1) in fresh squeezed lemon juice for at least 30 min.-Rinse 4 bunches …

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Modified cashew chicken

Prepare frying pan by adding a little coconut oil wiped on the inside.Add pieces of chicken breast seasoned with sea salt, pepper, and ginger to taste, to pan on medium heat for about 10 to 15 minutes until about half cooked.Add chopped onions and bell peppers. Small pieces of pineapple is optional.Add raw cashews, then …

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