I love my body! i love my age, i love my life!

When I woke up this morning, while still in bed, I thought to myself….I love my life,,,I love my body….wait.. Did I just say that? Often I notice everything that is wrong with my body, and have to remember to be thankful for it. Then I said, I love my husband, I love my home,,,wait, normally I don’t feel that way about my home. I’ve often complained that our home is a little dark for me. Not much natural light comes in and natural light makes me feel happy, or happier!! But, I am thankful for having a place to live and decided to make some changes so I can feel even more content in my home. The statement that came out of my mouth that really surprised me this particular morning was, “I love my age!” Wow, that’s different! I hadn’t worked on that statement. When we’re young, we often wish to be older, and there is a short time when most of us do appreciate our age, usually young adulthood, but then we sometimes start to sense that our age, thus our body is our adversary, physically. And, while there are some biological changes we may not appreciate so much, but the more we focus on those changes the less we tend to feel youthful, and strong physically, and mentally. We might even accelerate those changes we are resisting, and ultimately, take focus off appreciating where we are at right now, body and soul.

Maybe learning to love and appreciate other things in my life helped me to appreciate my age. I can think of many reasons why we can love our age.

We can remember to be thankful for the number of years we’ve been blessed with so far, how our body has served us. For the knowledge, wisdom, experiences, perspectives we gained with age, and the opportunities to have lived, loved, laughed and learned. And, to be able to create new phases in our lives. Longevity is a blessing!!

Anytime we can be in the moment, learn to love the age we’re at, appreciate our bodies, and our lives, we feel good, and we attract positive vibes. So, if you’re not happy about your age, body, or your life, my challenge to you is to daily state “I love my body, I love my age, and I love my life! I am grateful to have made it this far, and there are so many more amazing things to come!” Say these statements with a smile on your face. Then let me know how your feelings about your body, your age, and your life begin to change.

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