Improve your bone density & curtail osteoporosis or osteopenia with resistance training!

Resistance training can create stress on the bone that will cause bone density to be preserved and possibly enhanced, according to the American counsel on exercise (ACE). To facilitate optimal bone changes, a higher load is recommended that will fatigue the muscles in approximately eight repetitions. This will stimulate the greatest response in terms of bone density changes.

Wolff’s law states that bones respond to the stresses placed upon them. When the skeleton is subjected to stressful forces, such as those that occur with physical activity or exercise, it responds by laying down more bone tissue, which results in greater bone density. Wolff’s law also applies to long periods of inactivity. In these situations, there is a lack of stressful forces placed on the skeleton, so the bones no longer need to be prepared to withstand the impact and muscle forces of physical activity and respond by losing bone mineral content and becoming less dense. “It’s a natural adaptation!”*

What types of resistance training exercises are you doing to increase your bone density? Free weights, weight machines, medicine balls, high impact, high impact sports, running?

*American council on exercise

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