Tabouli is a very healthy, very popular mediterranean dish. It would be helpful to use a food processor to chop the parsley and the onion separately, but be careful not to not mince.

-Start with soaking 3/4 cup of (Bulghar Fine no. 1) in fresh squeezed lemon juice for at least 30 min.
-Rinse 4 bunches of curly parsley, dry with paper towel, and finely chop.
-Finely chop 1 whole yellow onion.
-Finely chopped cucumbers
-Dice 1 or 2 long green onions
-Dice 2 large garden tomatoes
-Finely chop 1 small bunch of fresh mint. You can also use dried mint or both.

Combine all ingredients
Add 2 tbs of Organic Olive oil, 2 tps Sea Salt, dash of black pepper
You can also squeeze two more lemons.

Traditionally this dish calls for much more olive oil, but if your watching your fat intake, keep the olive oil to a minimal. Recipe is compliments of Amy (  Amy says, “You are the boss of this dish. If you don’t  like too much lemon, tomatoes, or cucumber adjust to taste”. And, please share your favorite version!

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