love your library! relaxation in the midst of a hectic day and deadlines

Some people think of libraries as boring, a place where you go and have to be quiet, not action, no fun….just reading or working on your computer.

Actually, many public libraries have a variety of community activities for children, elderly and families, just about anyone. And, memberships are usually free! These activities can include, book signings, short independent films or documentaries, classes on diet and fitness, self help tips, arts and, or crafts, music and entertainment.

Most libraries provide a quiet place to study and do paper work, but they also normally have computers, sometimes with the old school cd players so you can transfer your precious memories and important docs to your memory cards. And, your data is not kept on their computers once you log out,.

Also some people go to the library to play computer games, listen to music on their headphones, rent free videos and watch them there at the library.

Oh, yeah, back to the quiet place. Being at a library can almost feel meditative in a sense. The quietness, even with the passing by of patrons and staff, is sometimes an environment that can set the stage for ideas, provide another new space to concentrate, or meditate besides the house, or apartment. I love the Santa Monica Public Library where the sun shines in, the ocean breeze flows through, and you can see the palm trees blowing in the wind. They have an outdoor water fountain, mini stream, and plants near a mini cafe.

…..And, they still have hard copy books!!

Just a friendly reminder to take advantage of the services offered by your local public library.

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